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Scorpions (Heterometrus Spinifer) BBQ


Roasted Scorpions (Smokey BBQ Flavour)

The Heterometrus Spinifer Scorpions are common to most parts of Thailand and are a delicacy to those who live in the north-east. These scorpions have been delicatly roasted and can be eaten whole.

Scorpions are a diverse group of arachnids and include 16 families, 159 genera with 1260 described species worldwide. The Heterometrus Spinifer is common to Thailand and is one of a few species that is known to be edible.

Scorpions are ancient animals and fossil records indicate that they were already in existence about 425 - 450 million years ago during the Silurian period and evolved from an amphibious ancestor. They occur in habitats ranging from forest to deserts but it is in the arid areas that they are most common and diverse.

Due to envolving from an amphibious ancestor they taste similar to a sea prawn with a slighly bitter taste. They can be enjoyed straight out of the can or served with a variety of dips and sauces.

Ingredients; Heterometrus Spinifer Scorpion 96% Sugar 2% Soy Sauce 1.5% Smokey BBQ Flavouring 0.5%

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